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A synonym for sullen is
a) unsociable b) c) d) smart
When a person is slinking, he is
a) In a hurry b) c) d) Moving quietly
If somebody is wicked, he acts
a) morally wrong b) c) d) with good willingness
If an animal is beetling
a) It is scuttling b) c) d) It is moving slowly
Din is a synonym for
a) A quiet silence b) c) d) A continuous noise
A treachery is
a) Betrayal, a dirty trick b) Loyalty, faithfulness c) d)
To wander is
a) To stay in a place for a long time b) To move about aimlessly c) d)
To strand is
a) to go aground b) to flow in drops c) d)
An accomplished person is
a) weak and inept b) skilled and talented c) d)
To whimper is
a) to come or be in close contact with b) to cry weakly or softly c) d)
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