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In a Market Economy there is no goveremnt Involment?
a) true b) b c) a d) false
In a traditional Economy why, how and Whom are the three basic questions?
a) true b) d c) c d) false
Whats a Capitalism Country?
a) North Korea b) All of the above c) Sweeden d) United States
___________ are goods and services purchased from other countries.
a) imports b) e c) trade d) exports
What does NAFTA stand for?
a) World Trade Organization b) NONE of the above c) North American Free Trade Agreement d) European Union
a) h b) e c) y d) !
a) b b) c c) d d) e
a) c b) d c) e d) g
a) A b) A c) A d) A
a) A b) AA c) A d) A
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