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Division of the nucleus
a) mitosis b) cytokinesis c) interphase d) cell cycle
Phase in which a cell grows, copies DNA, and prepares for cell division.
a) interphase b) prophase c) cytokinesis d) metaphase
During this phase chromosomes separate and move along spindle fibers to opposite ends of the cell.
a) Prophase b) Metaphase c) Anaphase d) Telophase
During this phase individual chromosomes become visible; spindle starts to form.
a) Prophase b) Metaphase c) Anaphase d) Telophase
Individual chromosomes are no longer visible and distinct; completes the process of mitosis.
a) Prophase b) Anaphase c) Telophase d) Cytokinesis
If you get a paper cut, cell division near the cut would ________________; once the cut is healed cell division would _______________.
a) speed up; slow down b) slow down; speed up c) d)
A complex of DNA and protein; found tightly coiled inside a chromosome
a) chromatin b) chromatid c) centriole d) spindle
The only way cells die is by accident.
a) True b) False c) d)
The process by which cells become specialized is called
a) differentiation b) division c) mitosis d) cytokinesis
All organisms start life as one cell.
a) True b) False c) d)
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