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Supreme power is vested with the citizens in a(n):
a) democracy b) oligarchy c) autocracy d) stratocracy
Both India and Japan have:
a) parliamentary democracies b) presidential democracies c) federal republics d) constitutional monarchies
The role of the emperor in modern Japan is a(n):
a) symbolic leader b) military leader c) economic leader d) political leader
Nationalism led to independence in India and:
a) Vietnam b) Japan c) North Korea d) Indonesia
Which of these events happened most recently?
a) The Tiananmen Square protest b) The Cultural Revolution c) The Great Leap Forward d) Mao and the Communists take over China
Who initiated communism in China in 1949?
a) Puyi b) Mao Zedong c) Chiang Kai-shek d) Sun Yat-sen
Who led the Indian independence movement by using non-violent protest?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru b) Indira Gandhi c) Mohandas Gandhi d) Rajiv Gandhi
Which type of government has a small group who makes decisions?
a) oligarchy b) autocracy c) democracy d) republic
Which style of government is one in which power is shared among different levels?
a) unitary b) confederation c) absolute monarchy d) federal
Which wars did the U.S. enter due to the containment of communism?
a) The Korean and Vietnam Wars b) The Persian Gulf War and the Invasion of Afghanistan c) World Wars I and II d) The Spanish-American War and the Invasion of Iraq
Who helped rebuild Japan after World War II?
a) The Soviet Union b) The U.S. c) Australia d) China
High amounts of nationalism led to independence in:
a) China and Japan b) North and South Korea c) Pakistan and Bangladesh d) India and Vietnam
The type of government in which one person has an unlimited amount of power is a(n):
a) oligarchy b) democracy c) stratocracy d) autocracy
Who has executive power in a parliamentary democracy?
a) president b) prime minister c) chancellor d) King
Which Chinese program was designed to make the economy more modernized?
a) The Great Leap Forward b) The Hundred Flowers Campaign c) The Tiananmen Square Protest d) The Cultural Revolution
Indian nationalism was in resistance to:
a) British rule b) American rule c) French rule d) Japanese rule
Mao Zedong brought communism to:
a) China b) Japan c) South Korea d) India
Which of these was NOT a way in which the U.S. rebuilt Japan after World War II?
a) increasing the size of Japan's military b) providing manufacturing knowledge c) providing resources d) loaning money
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