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_________________ contain protein and nucleic acids.
a) Viruses b) Cytoplasm c) Virus strands d) Medicines
Viruses do not eat, grow, or breathe which means they are:
a) living b) not living c) reproducing d) changing
Some _________ can be seen with out a microscope.
a) living cells b) bacteria c) diseases d) particles
A _________ can cause damage to a living organism’s cells when they invade.
a) membrane b) host cell c) pathogen d) salt concentration
___________ can reproduce inside a living organism that serves as its host.
a) Binary fission b) Archaebacteria c) Eubacteria d) Viruses
Viruses do not have cytoplasm, or a nucleus, which means they are:
a) living b) not living c) reproducing d) changing
_________________ is a food that contains bacteria.
a) popcorn b) cheese c) jelly d) a tomato
Because of modern transportation, viruses spread ______________.
a) never b) at the same speed c) slower d) faster
Food poisoning is an example of ________________.
a) helpful bacteria b) archaebacteria c) harmful bacteria d) eubacteria
Cocci is a bacteria that looks like _____________
a) spirals b) small circles c) large circles d) squares
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