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Which word means to feel or show grief?
a) plead b) aghast c) mourn d) exploit
Which word means a brave or daring act?
a) drawl b) radiate c) aghast d) exploit
Which word means complete assurance? It can also mean overconfident.
a) radiate b) cocksure c) bleak d) mourn
Which word means struck with terror or amazement?
a) exploit b) cocksure c) radiate d) aghast
Which word means to shine or spread from the center?
a) radiate b) bleak c) drawl d) plead
Which word means to speak slowly, holding vowel sounds longer than usual?
a) plead b) bleak c) aghast d) drawl
Which word means not hopeful or encouraging?
a) mourn b) exploit c) bleak d) drawl
Which word means to offer as a defense? It can also mean to beg.
a) bleak b) plead c) mourn d) aghast
Which word means a conflict within a character?
a) integer b) input c) interesting d) internal
Which word means a conflict with an outside force (character, society, nature)?
a) exploit b) external c) explain d) extreme
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