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How many parts are there to the cell theory?
a) Three b) Four c) One d) Two
What is a cell organelle?
a) The function of a cell b) A specialized tiny organ in the cell c) A series of tissues d) A virus
What is a prokaryotic Cell
a) Has an organized nucleus b) Is composed of tissues c) Has more than one cell d) Has no organized nucleus and organelle
This organelle synthesizes proteins
a) nucleus b) cell membrane c) ribosomes d) lysosomes
What is a Eukaryotic Cell?
a) Has an organized nucleus and organelles b) Has no organized nucleus and organelles c) Is Layered d) Is a bacteria
What is homeostasis?
a) Sum of chemical activities b) Energy supply c) Body's internal balance d) Cell Division
What is the control center of the cell?
a) Cytoplasm b) ER c) Nucleus d) Vacuole
This organelle is only found in a plant cell
a) Ribosome b) Nucleus c) Lysosome d) Chloroplasr
What is metabolism
a) Internal balance b) Why we sweat c) Sum of Body's chemical activities d) Energy supply
This controls what exits and enters the cell
a) Cell wall b) Cell Membrane c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleus
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