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How did Jerry and Rachel earn the dollar?
a) cleaned the barn b) dust the church c) wash cars d) sell candy
What happened when Jerry and Rachel were walking home with Ginger?
a) They realized someone was following them b) They found a dollar c) They got lost d) Ginger broke off her leash
What did Ginger bring Jerry?
a) a piece of ham b) a pencil c) Gracie d) the duster
Who was wearing the yellow hat?
a) Papa b) Wally c) Someone else d) The mysterious person
Ginger refused to
a) eat dog food b) stay home c) sleep d) walk on a leash
How did Ginger become famous?
a) from being lost b) by running a race c) climbing the fire escape at school d) he read books
Why did Jerry and Sam stop climbing East Rock?
a) Jerry broke his nose b) Rachel was afraid c) Sam had to go to church d) they were hungry
What happened on the Trolly?
a) it got lost b) it had a flat tire c) it caught on fire d) it wrecked
Why is Wally a suspect?
a) he yelled at the Pyes b) he ran away c) he changed schools d) he has a bunch of dogs
Why did Jerry and Rachel visit the skeleton houses?
a) to eat watermelon b) to collect small wood planks and shavings c) to find a cat d) to see ghosts
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