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Why do massive stars have shorter lifespans than average stars?
a) They burn their fuel faster b) They are excited to get through their lifecycles faster c) They have less steps in their lifecycles d) They have less fuel to burn
At the end of its lifecycle the Sun will end up as what?
a) Black Hole b) Supernova c) White Dwarf d) Neutron Star
All stars are born in what phase of their lifecycle?
a) Supernova b) Red Giant c) Main Sequence d) Stellar Nebula
In which of the following stages will our Sun form heavy elements?
a) Stellar Nebula b) Black Hole c) Red Giant d) Main Sequence
Which of the following is the stage where a massive star explodes and releases a lot of energy?
a) Supernova b) Main Sequence c) Red Supergiant d) Black Hole
Which of the following lists contains ONLY heavy elements?
a) Helium, Oxygen, Carbon b) Oxygen, Carbon, Iron c) Iron, Hydrogen, Oxygen d) Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon
During which of the following phases does the core of a massive star have so much gravity that even light can\'t escape?
a) Neutron Star b) Supernova c) Black Hole d) White Dwarf
What happens during the Main Sequence phase of a star?
a) Hydrogen atoms are fused into helium atoms b) Helium atoms are fused into heavy elements c) The star is born out of dust and gas d) The star explodes and releases energy
What is the name of the process that forms heavy elements from atoms like helium?
a) Attraction b) Conjugation c) Nuclear Fission d) Nuclear Fusion
Our Sun is currently in which phase of its lifecycle?
a) Main Sequence b) Red Giant c) Planetary Nebula d) White Dwarf
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