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A statement that makes an educated guess as to the answer of a Testable Question.
a) Hypothesis b) Science c) Dependent Variable d) Independent Variable
The variable or factor in an experiment that is changed on purpose by the scientist.
a) Independent Variable b) Control c) Constant d) Dependent Variable
Variable or factor in an experiemnt that is changed by the Independent Variable, is measured and becomes your data.
a) Independent Variable b) Control c) Constant d) Dependent Variable
The process of understanding the natural world around us.
a) Hypothesis b) Scientific Method c) Science d) Testable Question
Step by step procedures for problem solving.
a) Science b) Scientific Method c) Testable Question d) Control
The variables or factors in an experiment that must stay the same.
a) Independent Variable b) Constant c) Control d) Dependent Variable
Standard used for comparing other experiments
a) Control b) Dependent Variable c) Independent Variable d) Constant
A written question that can be answered using the Scientific Method.
a) Hypothesis b) Control c) Constant d) Testable Question
Which of the following is the proper format for a Testable Question?
a) How does the change the ? b) How does the change when you change the ? c) What effect does the have on the ? d) If you change the then the will change also.
Which of the following is a properly formatted Hypothesis?
a) If you the then the will . b) If the changes then the will change also. c) If you the then the will . d) How do you change the to make the change?
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