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storage space for food, water and, waste
a) e.r. b) vacuole c) chromosomes d) mitochondrion
transports the materials throughout the cell
a) cell wall b) Endoplasmic Reticulum c) centrioles d) chloroplast
Regulates interactions between the cell and the environment - seperates cell from surrounding environment
a) cell membrane b) chloroplast c) nucleus d) cell wall
tough, rigid outer coverings that protects the cell and gives it shape
a) lysome b) vacuole c) cell wall d) nucleus
Gives cell the energy it needs
a) chloroplast b) Chromosomes c) vacuole d) mitochondrion
Makes protein
a) ribosome b) mitochondrion c) golgi body d) lysosome
The brain of the cell - directs all cell activity
a) nucleolus b) nucleus c) golgi body d) centrioles
Passes on traits to offspring
a) chromosomes b) centrioles c) Endoplasmic Reticulum d) vacuole
Site of photosynthesis: draws in light to make food
a) golgi body b) chloroplast c) chromosomes d) cell wall
Liquid gel which contains cell parts
a) cytoplsm b) Chloroplast c) Vacuoles d) Ribosmes
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