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A _____ has two cotyledons.
a) dicot b) monocot c) heptacot d) nonacot
All _____ plants have true roots, leaves, and stems.
a) vascular b) nonvascular c) seedless d) moss
Grass, trees, and cacti all reproduce by _____.
a) sori b) spores c) seeds d) pods
Most of the plant matter in _____ is sphagnun moss.
a) humus b) fruit c) gingko trees d) peat
A _____, such as a bean, has two seed leaves.
a) monocot b) dicot c) heptacot d) hexacot
Ferns and mosses reproduce by _____.
a) seeds b) spores c) cotyledons d) rhizoids
The parts of a scientific name are ____ and ____.
a) species and kingdom b) phylum and genus c) class and order d) genus and species
The part of the plant where photosynthesis occurs is the _____.
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) chloroplast d) golgi body
The part of the plant cell that gives structure and support is the _____.
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) nucleus d) lysosome
The part of the plant where food is broken down for energy is the _____.
a) chloroplast b) lysosome c) mitochondria d) ribosome
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