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Which of the followng is a mountain range in Central Asia?
a) Pamirs b) Kara-Kum c) Aral d) Fergana
Which of the following can be found in the country of Turkmenistan?
a) Kyzyl Kum b) Fergana Valley c) Kara-Kum d) Indian Ocean
The two primary water sources in Southern Central Asia are the
a) Caspian and Aral Sea b) Amu Dar'ya and syr Dar'ya c) Indian Ocean and Fergana River d) Red sea and lake titicaca
Europeans abandoned the main central Asian trade route because
a) wars occured b) Russians closed the roads c) shipping was faster d) trains were invented
Which of the following statements does not describe Turkmenistan?
a) Its official language language is Persian b) Its carpets area a form of art c) Islam is increasing in popularity d) It has a tradition of poetry
Every Central Asian country
a) is restoring its mosques b) celebrates the holiday of nauruz c) contains many yurts and tribes d) has an ancient tradition of poetry
Which of the following are ancient silk road cities?
a) Moscow and Saint Petersburg b) Tokyo and Rome c) Manila and Cairo d) Tashkent and Samarqand
The Soviets did not
a) Increase women's freedom b) establish five republics c) shut down schools d) set up hospitals
The economics of the Central Asian countries are
a) growing rapidly b) struggling to improve c) dependent on China d) not connected to Russia
Most of Central Asia's industry involves
a) minerals or farm products b) carpets or embroidery c) cattle or goats d) silkworms or grapes
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