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Which one of these civics teachers makes learning fun?
a) Dr. Mapp b) Mr. Santa Clause c) Mr. Easter Bunny d) they are all boring
The formal process used to put politicians into office
a) election b) vote c) good turn d) take a bribe
The Pledge of Allegiance is said to all of these EXCEPT
a) stars and stripes, government, flag b) flag, community, the nation c) community, religion, education d) government, the constitution, community
The Constitution is a document describing which of these?
a) taxes, rights, elections, recreation codes b) taxes, laws, rights, elections c) taxes, laws, local communities, elections d) taxes, laws, rights, education
Along with other responsibilities, this person is head of the senate
a) President b) Vice President c) Governor d) Secretary of State
This is the definition word for a moral obligation.
a) duty b) pledge c) right d) allegiance
This person is DIRECTLY responsible for police, a budget, libraries, local taxes
a) Vice President b) Governor c) Township Manager d) Police Commissioner
What is a citizen?
a) a person that moves from one place to another b) a person that resides/lives in a country for some time c) legal inhabitant with full rights under the law d) I am not sure
What is the definition of allegiance?
a) obligation or devotion b) a recitation of words c) none of these d) having an affinity for
What is a Lobbyist?
a) an elected representative sent to a legislative committee b) people who are bias in favor of one this against some other c) an activist seeking to persuade members of the government d) one of the signers of the Constitution
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