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What muscle allows you to raise your arm to ask a question?
a) biceps femoris b) triceps brachi c) deltoid d) trapezius
Which is your calf muscle? (hint: where you get charlie horses)
a) sartorius b) gastrocnemius c) rectus abdominus d) deltoid
Which is the longest muscle?
a) sartorius b) gastrocnemius c) rectus abdominus d) deltoid
What muscle helps you to hold up your head?
a) tibialis anterior b) trapezius c) deltoid d) external obliques
What muscles do you work when you do sit ups or crunches?
a) trapezius b) triceps brachii c) rectus abdominus d) biceps brachii
What muscle allows you to chew?
a) masseter b) deltoid c) trapezius d) tibialis anterior
what muscle is called your chest muscle?
a) deltoid b) trapezius c) pectoralis major d) tibialis anterior
What muscle runs along your tibia bone?
a) deltoid b) pectoralis major c) gastrocnemius d) tibialis anterior
what muscle is on the back of the humerus?
a) triceps brachii b) biceps femoris c) sartorius d) trapezius
which muscle is the muscle you primarily sit on?
a) gluteus minimus b) periformis c) gluteus maximus d) deltoid
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