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A society with cities, government, and social classes
a) city-state b) civilizations c) democracy d) nationalsim
A religious journey
a) civilization b) plantation c) pilgrimage d) democracy
To settle an area and take over its government
a) democracy b) nationalism c) colonize d) city-state
A form of government in which citizens help to make government decisions
a) democracy b) city-state c) colonize d) nationalism
Able to read and write
a) civilization b) ehtnic group c) pilgrimage d) literate
Feeling of pride in one's homeland
a) nationalism b) boycott c) ethnic group d) democracy
A city that is also an independent state, with its own traditions, government, and laws
a) cononize b) democracy c) city-state d) pilgrimage
A group of people who share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion
a) migrate b) ethnic group c) domesticate d) plantation
To adapt wild plants or animals and breed them for human use.
a) migrate b) colonize c) boycott d) domesticate
The average length of time a person can expect to live
a) life expectancy b) plantation c) literate d) hybrid
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