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organ that produces, releases chemicals
a) parathymus b) hypothamus c) glands d) ducts
Gland controls body activities
a) pituitary gland b) thyroid gland c) adrenal gland d) pancreas
specialized cells recognize hormones chemical structures
a) hormones b) glands c) target cells d) ducts
tiny tubes into which chemicals are released
a) ducts b) hormones c) glands d) target cells
part brain linking nervous, endocrine system
a) pituitary gland b) hormones c) ducts d) hypothalamus
Glands that regulate calcium levels
a) thyroid gland b) parathyroid gland c) adrenal gland d) pancreas
Gland that produces hormones, regulares energy levels
a) hormones b) parathyroid c) thyroid d) thymus
Gland helps you gain immunity during childhood
a) thymus b) parathyroid c) thyroid d) pancreas
Gland that produces insulin
a) pancreas b) thyroid c) parathyroid d) thymus
Male reproductive organs
a) ovaries b) testes c) sperm d) egg
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