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Which is a color word?
a) yellow b) for c) you d) two
Which is the number word?
a) seven b) black c) green d) we
Which number word shows the amount that is less than one?
a) zero b) with c) my d) seven
Which of the following is NOT a color word?
a) three b) green c) yellow d) brown
Which of the following is a synonym for
a) have b) for c) with d) said
Which of the following means 'all of us'?
a) we b) for c) said d) that
Which of the following color words starts with a vowel?
a) orange b) red c) green d) blue
Which of the following words does NOT have the long e sound?
a) that b) green c) she d) three
Which of the following words fits in the sentence: The frog is _________.
a) green b) said c) are d) my
Which tells the name of the number that is greater than 6 and less than 8?
a) seven b) zero c) black d) one
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