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During which stage of mitosis is the nuclear membrane broken into fragments?
a) Anaphase b) Prophase c) Telophase d) Metaphase
During which stage of mitosis do nucleoli reappear?
a) Anaphase b) Prophase c) Telophase d) Metaphase
The resting stage of the cell is known as the _______.
a) interphase b) prophase c) metaphase d) telophase
During which stage of mitosis do chromatids separate to form two sets of daughter chromosomes?
a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telophase
Genetic information is transferred from parent to daughter cells through the _______.
a) chromosomes b) centrioles c) nuclear envelope d) spindle fibres
Equatorial plate of the mitotic spindle is formed during the _______.
a) telophase b) prophase c) anaphase d) metaphase
which of these are no involved in mitosis
a) centrioles b) Golgi apparatus c) Chromosomes d) spindle fibres
What do plant cells have that animal cells don't?
a) nucleus b) chromosomes c) cell wall d) golgi apparatus
mitosis is a dynamic process?
a) true b) false c) sometimes d) I don't know
Mitosis is division of the___.
a) nucleus b) cell c) organelles d) centriols
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