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Tiny cell structures that carry out a specific function within the cell
a) organelle b) organ c) cell d) tissue
A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
a) atom b) element c) compound d) chemical
Smallest unit of an element
a) atom b) element c) compound d) chemical
D. Widely accepted explanation of the relationships between cells and living things
a) resolution b) proteins c) osmosis d) cell theory
Large organic molecule made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen and sometimes sulfur. Made up of chains of Amino Acids
a) Protein b) Element c) Compound d) Cell
2 or more elements chemically combined
a) atom b) element c) compound d) cell
The ability to clearly distinguish the individual parts of an object
a) diffusion b) proteins c) osmosis d) resolution
The movement of water from an area of high to low concentration
a) resolution b) protein c) osmosis d) diffusion
the genetic material that carries information about an organism and that is passed from parent to offspring
a) Cell b) Organelle c) Ribonucleic Acid d) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
The movement of materials through a cell membrane using cellular energy
a) osmosis b) diffusion c) active transport d) passive transport
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