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CLD stands for:
a) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse b) Cross-cultural Language Development c) California Language Development d) Cognitive Learning Development
ELD stands for:
a) English Language Development b) English Learner Development c) Education for Learning Disabled d) English Language Diagnostics
ELL stands for:
a) English Language Learner b) English Language Literacy c) Early Language Literacy d) Early Language Learner
LAD stands for:
a) Language Acquisition Device b) Los Angeles Dodgers c) Language Aid Device d) Language Acquisition Development
BICS stands for:
a) Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills b) Basic Information and Cognitive System c) Beginning Instruction Content Standards d) Bilingual Instruction Content Standards
CALP stands for:
a) Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency b) California Aptitude and Literacy Placement c) CAlifornia Language Proficiency d) California Assessment for Language Placement
SDAIE stands for:
a) Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English b) Special Development Activities In English c) Social and Developmental Assessment and Instruction in English d) Specific Daily Activities In English
SIOP stands for:
a) Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol b) Specific Instruction of Professionals c) Spanish Instruction of Personnel d) Scaffolding Instruction and Other Programs
CELDT stands for:
a) California English Language Development Test b) California English Learner Diagnostic Testing c) Content Elements for Literacy Development Test d) Curriculum for Educators of Learning Disabled Technology
TPR stands for:
a) Total Physical Response b) Teacher Program Review c) Technology Programs for Reading d) Teaching for Positive Results
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