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What is the function of the nucleus?
a) All of the above b) None of the above c) To direct the activities of the cell d) To contain the DNA of the cell
What is not true about the nucleus?
a) The nucleolus is where ribosomes are made b) It produces protein c) It can form chromosomes d) It is surrounded by a nuclear envelope
What is the Golgi apparatus?
a) The organelle which contains the cell's DNA b) The area where proteins are packaged and modified and then passed on c) The organelle that cleans and breaks down waste in the cell d) The organelle that keeps the bad things out and the good things in
Which of the following means "little organ"?
a) organelle b) nucleus c) organ d) ribosome
What is the function of the vacuole?
a) To clean b) To store c) To protect the nucleus d) All of the above
Which of the following is not found in animal cells?
a) Chloroplasts b) Ribosomes c) Nucleus d) Mitochondria
Who discovered cells?
a) Camillio Golgi b) Robert Hooke c) Anton van Leeuwenhoek d) Chuck Norris
All cells have
a) cell walls b) ribosomes c) mitochondria d) DNA
How can you tell the difference between the Golgi apparatus and the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum?
a) The Golgi apparatus has rounded edges and the Smooth ER has pointed edges b) The Smooth ER has rounded edges and the Golgi apparatus has pointed edges c) There is no difference between them d) The Smooth ER surrounds the nucleus and the Golgi apparatus is floating freely.
What is the name of the pigment inside of chloroplasts?
a) DNA b) Khlorophil c) Chlorophyll d) RNA
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