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Water in the atmosphere that falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail
a) water cycle b) cloud c) groundwater d) precipitation
Water in a gas state is called...
a) melt b) atmosphere c) water vapor d) evaporation
A mass of tiny droplets of water that have condensed in the atmosphere
a) cloud b) water cycle c) evaporation d) precipitation
The process of adding heat energy to water and it changing from a solid to a liquid.
a) groundwater b) melt c) condensation d) freeze
The blanket of gases that surround Earth.
a) water cycle b) atmosphere c) precipitation d) water vapor
The process of removing heat energy from water and it changing from a liquid to a solid.
a) freeze b) melt c) groundwater d) water cycle
The continuous, never-ending movement of water through the Earth's surface and the air.
a) cloud b) groundwater c) evaporation d) water cycle
The process in which water particles change from a gas to a liquid
a) condensation b) water vapor c) precipitation d) evaporation
Water stored in cracks of underground rocks.
a) water vapor b) water cycle c) groundwater d) cloud
The process in which water particles heat up and change from a liquid to a gas
a) cloud b) evaporation c) condensation d) precipitation
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