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What is the social and political system in France that divided the population into three groups?
a) Caste System b) Class System c) Estate System d) Tax System
Which was NOT a problem of pre-revolutionary France?
a) High debt b) High Taxes c) Food shortage d) declining population
What was the bourgoiusie?
a) upper, wealthy 2nd estate members b) poor 1st estate members c) wealthy 3rd estate members d) poor 3rd estate memebers
Why was the Estates General meeting?
a) To decided on how to divide up food in France b) to decide how much to increase taxes on the 3rd estate c) to decide what new government France would follow d) to decide on a new tax on the 2nd estate
Why hadn't the Estate's general met in 175 years?
a) absolute monarch in control b) didn't have a need to c) people hated the Estate's general d) didn't have a place to meet
What was unfair about the voting in the Esates General?
a) Each member had to argue his vote b) voted by estate, not individual c) voted by individual, not estate d) Each member had to vote in private
When the 3rd estate members found their meeting place locked, the met
a) in the king's bedroom b) in the hallway c) in an indoor tennis court d) in a basketball court
What was the newly formed government called?
a) National Anthem b) National Assembly c) French Monarchy d) Bourgeoisie Estate
What did the National Assembly agree with the Tennis Court Oath
a) to arrest the king b) to stay and meet until a new tax was placed on the 2nd estate c) to make reforms for the people of France and draft a constitution d) to provide corn for all France's citizens
Why did the people in Paris storm the Bastille?
a) to get guns and gunpowder b) to release prisoners loyal to the revolution c) to protest the death of Jean Paul Marat d) To get wheat
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