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The Sumerians were the first people to set up these areas where a city functions as an independent country
a) city-state b) empire c) continent d) state
The Egyptians, Sumerians and Harappans all practiced this type of religious belief
a) monotheism b) polytheism c) atheism d) catholic
Type of writing system that was used by the Mesopotamian civilization was referred to as
a) sanskrit b) hieroglyphics c) cuneiform d) hieratic
In ancient China the first historical line of rulers from one family was the Shang
a) monarchy b) theocracy c) oligarchy d) dynasty
Sargon I united all of the Mesopotamian city-states in a single one of these that consisted of many different territories
a) empire b) democracy c) theocracy d) bureaucracy
Shang dynasty kings tried to predict the future by
a) scratching oracle bones b) paying tribute to Aton c) going on a pilgrimage d) paying money to the gods
Area of China most suitable for farming is the
a) Eastern Region b) Nile Valley c) Himalayans d) Gobi Desert
Egypt is associated with which river valley
a) Nile b) Euphrates c) Hueng He d) Zhou
Terranced temple built by the Sumerians were called
a) ziggurats b) pyramids c) churches d) obelisks
Oldest Chinese dynasty that dates to written records is
a) Shang b) Xia c) Cheng d) Jung
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