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The element of marketing that is concerned with what goods, services, or ideas a business will offer its customers is:
a) place b) price c) product d) promotion
Dividing the total market into smaller, more specific groups is known as:
a) Market segmentation b) Marketing c) Mass marketing d) Target Marketing
Which of the following is NOT a demographic characteristic?
a) age b) clothing size c) income level d) life stage
Food Lion sends a news release to the local paper regarding its sponsorship of a local charity event. Which of the following elements of marketing is Food Lion attempting to use?
a) place b) price c) product d) promotion
Many movie theatres charge a lower admission between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to encourage more people to come at that time. What element of marketing is the focus of this strategy?
a) place b) planning c) price d) product
Pepsi decided to sell its soft drinks in blue cans in several foreign markets. What element of the marketing mix did they change for these new markets?
a) place b) price c) product d) promotion
Mercedes decided to reposition its products to appeal to people seeking fun and excitement. In seeking this new market, the company is segmenting based on:
a) behavioral b) demographic c) geographic d) psychographic
Dillard’s department store advertises its china, silver, and crystal heavily in May and June to attract customers looking for wedding gifts. This is an example of which type of :
a) behavioral b) demographic c) geographic d) psychographic
The Good Ol’ Barbeque Sauce Company began marketing a new sauce that includes spices often found in Asian cuisine. The company is segmenting based on:
a) demographics b) geographics c) Product benefits d) Psychographics
A bar of soap is an example of a product with what type of market appeal?
a) demographic b) Differentiated c) Limited d) Wide
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