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A word part that comes before a root word.
a) prefix b) suffix c) root word d) verb
A word part that comes after a root word.
a) conjunction b) root word c) prefix d) suffix
A word part that contains the main meaning of a word.
a) prefix b) root word c) suffix d) adjective
A prefix that means before
a) pre- b) con-/com- c) re- d) in-/im-
A prefix that means not or opposite of
a) in-/im- b) pre- c) con-/com- d) re-
A prefix that means again
a) pre- b) in-/im- c) con-/com- d) re-
A prefix that means together
a) in-/im- b) con-/com- c) pre- d) re-
A root word that means write or writing
a) pre- b) in-/im- c) scrip/scribe d) con-/com-
A suffix that means happened in the past
a) pre- b) -ed c) con-/com- d) -ing
A suffix that means happening now
a) -ed b) con-/com- c) -ing d) pre-
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