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is a metal cylinder which contains water or chemicals at high pressure which can put out fires.
a) fire alarm b) lab apron c) petri dish d) fire extinguisher
is an electronic machine that can store and deal with large amounts of information.
a) niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa b) goggles c) computer d) petri dish
is a large cup or glass.
a) beaker b) test tube c) goggles d) computer
is an instrument that is used to measure wind speeds.
a) computer b) anemometer c) beaker d) petri dish
is a scientific instrument that is used for measuring mass.
a) computer b) lab apron c) fire alarm d) balance
is an instrument for measuring temperature. it usually consists of a liquid which rises and falls as the temperature rises and falls.
a) Thermometer b) goggles c) computer d) fire alarm
is a long instrument shaped like a tube. It has lenses inside it that make distant things seem larger and nearer when you look through it.
a) balance b) telescope c) beaker d) thermometer
are large glasses that fit closely to your face around your eyes to protect them from such things as wather, chimicals, or dust.
a) petri dish b) beaker c) thermometer d) goggles
is a shallow circular dish that is used in laboratories for growing microorganisms.
a) petri dish b) fire alarm c) thermometer d) computer
is a small tube-shaped container made from glass. Test tubes are used in laboratories.
a) beaker b) test tube c) fire alarm d) computer
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