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a) Payment demanded for the release of a person or property. b) Payment received for the collection of personal property. c) Payment required for membership. d) Person or property fee that is due in a timely fashion.
a) To grasp and hold tightly. b) To throw or toss away. c) The serious point in the action of a plot. d) A nickname for a famous basketball player.
a) Likely to b) Unlikely to c) To arrest someone. d) Nickname for a famous actress.
a) Necessary supplies; food. b) Unnecessary supplies. c) Rules and regulations in a company. d) Nickname for a famous movie star.
a) A person with exceptional talent. b) A person with absolutely no talent whatsoever. c) A person with only a little talent. d) Nickname for a famous weatherman.
a) A race in which several team members take turns running to complete the race. b) A race in which only one team member is allowed to run. c) A race in which two team members are allowed to run simultaneously. d) Nickname for a famous air traffic controller.
a) To work together on a project. b) To work alone on a project. c) To refuse to work on a project. d) Nickname for a famous football player.
a) Bitter, abusive criticism. b) Happy, effusive praise. c) A long critical speech. d) Nickname for a famous concert pianist.
a) To stoop with bent knees. b) To bend the knees at a 45 degree angle. c) To walk with a stoop. d) Nickname for a famous rapper.
a) A close friend b) An acquaintenance c) A move in mixed martial arts d) Nickname for a famous tennis player
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