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This climate has year around rainfall and the typical vegetation is tropical rainforest.
a) semiarid b) marine west coast c) tropical wet d) tundra
This climate is drier, the summers are cool and the winters are cold; the vegetation is forested.
a) subarctic b) arid c) mediterranean d) ice cap
This climate has two seasons; a rainy season and a dry season; the vegeatation is grasslands and scattered trees.
a) mediterranean b) tundra c) tropical wet and dry d) arid
This climate gets less rainfall but if falls mainly in the winters, it generally has a hot summer: and it has it own vegetation.
a) humid subtropical b) humid continental c) subarctic d) mediterranean
This climate is bitterly cold all year, the area is covered with ice and no vegetation because it can not grow there.
a) subarctic b) ice cap c) tundra d) marine west coast
This climate gets plenty of rain which usually falls in the summer, has a mild winterand the vegetation is forest
a) tundra b) semiarid c) tropical wet and dry d) humid subtropical
This climate has very hot summers, generally mild winters, gets very little rain, the vegetation is little to none.
a) arid b) semiarid c) humid subtropical d) highland
This climate has summer temperatures that are moderate to hot, but winters can be very cold, the vegetation are grasslands and forests.
a) tundra b) arid c) humid subtropical d) humid continental
This climate has a cold climate, short cool summers, very long cold winters and the vegetation is low-lying.
a) tundra b) tropical wet and dry c) mediterranean d) subarctic
This climate has very hot summers, generally mild winters, a little more rain and the vegetation is shrubs and grasses.
a) highland b) marine west coast c) semiarid d) ice cap
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