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What is the opposite of -9?
a) 1/9 b) 0.9 c) -9 d) 9
What is the opposite of 1/8?
a) 8 b) 1/8 c) -1/8 d) -8
The opposite of n is 6. What is the value of n?
a) -6 b) 6 c) -16 d) 16
A company has a net loss of $29.35. How much profit do they have to make to break even?
a) $29.00 b) $29.35 c) $1,000. d) $0.00
Which pair of numbers does NOT have a sum of 0?
a) 3 and -3 b) 2/5 and -2/5 c) 1,000,000 and -1,000,000 d) 0.7 and -1/7
What is the absolute value of -2?
a) 2 b) -2 c) 1/2 d) 0.2
What is the absolute value of 1/9?
a) -1/9 b) 1/9 c) 9 d) 0.9
What is the only number that does not have an opposite?
a) pi b) one trillion c) zero d) 0.999999999
How far apart are -15 and 30 on a number line?
a) 45 b) 15 c) -15 d) -30
How far apart are -8 and -2 on the number line?
a) 10 b) 16 c) 6 d) 0
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