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The latin prefix poly means _____.
a) Many, multiple, much b) Difficulty c) Excessive d) Down
The latin prefix hypo means _____.
a) Insufficient, abnormally low b) Bad, poor c) Hard, difficult d) Excessive, abnormally high
The latin suffix cyte means _____.
a) Cell b) Blood c) Tumor d) Study of
The latin suffix scope means _____.
a) Sight b) Cell c) Study of d) Remove
The latin suffix itis means ____.
a) Inflammation b) Infection c) Tumor d) Blood
The latin suffix ology means ____.
a) Study of b) Infection of c) Sight d) Remove
The latin suffix ectomy means ____.
a) To surgically remove b) To study c) To replace d) To view
The latin suffix pnea means ____.
a) Breathing b) Blood c) Cell d) Lungs
The latin suffix emia means ____.
a) Blood b) Cell c) Tumor d) Bone
The latin suffix oma means _____.
a) Tumor b) Cell c) Blood d) Breathe
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