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_______ are solutions that destroy microorganisms or inhibit their growth on living tissue.
a) Antiseptics b) Aseptics c) Antibiotics d) Chemicals
Which of the following would be considered a biohazard:
a) All answers are correct b) Needles c) Blood d) Scalpel Blades
MSDS stands for:
a) Material Safety Data Sheet b) Maternal Sinus Distress Syndrome c) Material Specifications Data Sheet d) Mastitis Symptom Data Sheet
A malocclusion refers to poor positioning of the _______.
a) Teeth b) Legs c) Eyes d) Teats
Osteoma is cancer of the _____.
a) Bone b) Eye c) Blood d) Brain
Agression, foaming of the mouth, and paralysis are symptoms of ____.
a) Rabies b) Kennel Cough c) Parainfluenza d) Lyme Disease
If a dog is given 3 L of IV fluid, how many mLs is it given?
a) 3000 mL b) 300 mL c) 30000 mL d) 3000000 mL
A dog takes 0.625 mg of Premarion twice a day for five days. What is the total dose?
a) 6.25 mg b) 62.5 mg c) 3.125 mg d) 4.75 mg
Prepared puppy formula comes in 1 L cans. If a puppy drinks 50 mL per feeding how many feedings are in one can?
a) 20 b) 10 c) 50 d) 75
If seven quarts of quantricide are used in 5 weeks, how many quarts are used in 16 weeks?
a) 23 b) 12 c) 17 d) 28
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