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The act of carrying on buisness; deal or agreement
a) unscathed b) habitual c) transaction d) account
shocked or amazed
a) thunderstruck b) surly c) jar d) steel
A feeling that something will happen
a) frenzy b) emphatic c) divulge d) premonition
Sadly thoughtful or wishful
a) implication b) wistful c) wrath d) ulterior
To cause to happen; to annoy
a) additive b) commerce c) provoke d) beastly
To soak completely
a) Desolate b) sediment c) medley d) saturate
An animal who is a predator would be..
a) A giraffe b) A shark c) A bird d) A cat
Noisy quarrel about something unimportant
a) Chide b) Superficial c) Squabble d) Gibberish
Requiring great effort or attention; Thorough
a) Intensive b) Nimble c) lunge d) Brood
Not emottionally involved; apart, at a distance
a) veranda b) aloof c) zest d) wearisome
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