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Definition - A gloomy or depressing state of mind
a) Melancholy b) Smote c) Mirth d) Withered
Definition - To hit hard with the hand or a stick
a) Cognizance b) Mirth c) Withered d) Smote
Definition - Can be an agreement amongst members of a church to act together in harmony
a) Covenant b) Wanton c) Firmament d) Lamentations
Definition - A Protestant person who assists the minister
a) Mirth b) Covenant c) Deacons d) Wanton
Definition - Amusement or laughter
a) Mirth b) Covenant c) Withered d) Firmament
Definition - To dry up due to a loss of moisture
a) Covenant b) Withered c) Melancholy d) Smote
Definition - An awareness or realization
a) Cognizance b) Firmament c) Withered d) Melancholy
Definition - The vault (a structure forming a ceiling or roof) of Heaven
a) Lamentations b) Gates c) Covenant d) Firmament
Definition - To express grief
a) Lamentations b) Laughter c) Withered d) Melancholy
Definition - Without any regard for what is right - to be careless
a) Wanton b) Cognizance c) Melancholy d) Smote
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