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a) shocked or amazed b) happy c) sad d) excited
Who is sugar cane?
a) A man who hates sugar and gets sick when he eats it b) A man who loves chocolate and now he created a chocolate factory c) A man who thinks chocolate should rule the world d) A man who wants to be the president
Do you think Mr Canes story was true? Once you select the answer tell me why or why not.
a) YES b) NO c) MAYBE d) SORTA
What cures Chocolate Fever?
a) More chocolate b) Cinnamon c) Vanilla Pills d) Strawberries
What does guarantee mean?
a) A medication b) When an object is under another object c) when something is closed d) A promise or assurance
What does keen mean?
a) sensitive and responsive b) slow c) pretty d) short
Who told Henry the story about getting the chocolate fever himself
a) Henry b) Mac c) The doctor d) Mr. Cane
What did Henry have for breakfast?
a) He had pancakes with Chocolate Syrup b) He had pancakes with maple syrup c) He had ceral with chocolate milk d) He had a bagel with cinnamon
Why did Henry's parents think that he was growing up fast?
a) He drank all of his milk at breakfast b) He grew four inches in one night c) He wanted regular syrup over chocolate syrup on his pancakes d) He got a 100 percent on his test at school
What could Henry like now?
a) cinnamon b) sugar c) vanilla d) strawberries
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