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The temperature at 8:00 AM was -5 degrees. The temperature at noon was 10 degrees. What is the difference between the two tempereatures?
a) 5 degrees b) 15 degrees c) -15 degrees d) -5 degrees
Denise gained 4 pounds during Thanksgiving holidays. She began jogging every day and lost 6 pounds in two weeks. What was her net weight change?
a) -2 b) 8 c) 2 d) -4
During this week Fannie made a $3 deposit and then wrote a check for $5. What was the net change in her balance this week?
a) -2 b) 8 c) 2 d) -8
The temperature outside is -7 and is expected to drop 3 degrees each hour for the next three hours. What will the temjperature be in three hours?
a) -4 b) -16 c) -10 d) 16
Susan went scuba diving and descended to a depth of 45 feet. She then ascended 20 feet and then down another 10 feet. What depth was she at?
a) 55 ft b) 35 ft c) 75 d) -35 ft
Josh mowed lawns and made $75. He bought a shirt for $20 and got $15 in allowance. How much money does Josh have now?
a) $40 b) $70 c) $110 d) $50
Which integter is six less than -5?
a) 11 b) 1 c) -11 d) -1
Mike is on the 32nd floor. He goes up 3 floors,down 8, down 4, up 2,and up 5 floors. What floor does he exit?
a) 29 b) 27 c) 35 d) 30
a) -1 b) 1 c) 31 d) -31
-11 - 8 + -9
a) -12 b) -10 c) -28 d) -6
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