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Which is NOT a river in Virginia?
a) James b) Choptank c) Patuxent d) York
The Chesapeake Bay is the most productive estuary in the....
a) United States b) North America c) the world d)
The Bay's major problem stems from
a) run-off b) sediment c) nutrients d) chemicals
What are the two materials found in fertilizers?
a) Nitrates and Oxygen b) Nitrates and Phosphorus c) Sulfur and Nitrates d) Oxygen and Sulfur
Which type of water pollution blocks sunlight and burries bottom dwellers?
a) Nutrient b) Chemical c) Sediment d) Heat
Which is NOT true about oysters in the Bay?
a) The are being overfished b) They are being killed by disease c) They are a natural filter for the Bay d) They are at the top of the food chain
Which is an example of point pollution?
a) sewage treatment plants b) fertilizer c) pesticides d) farm field erosion
Water used by humans that is washed down sinks is called
a) Leachate b) Emissions c) Sewage d) Smog
Which is true about the Susquehanna River?
a) It is very deep b) It is used for hydroelectric and nuclear power c) It is very narrow d) It is used for very large ships to travel
What is the correct stream order from smallest to largest?
a) Oil Creek - Susquehanna River - Codorus Creek - Bay b) Oil Creek - Codorus Creek - Conewago Creek - Bay c) Oil Creek - Codorus Creek - Susquehanna River -Bay d) Oil Creek - Conewago Creek - Codorus Creek - Bay
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