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Most role models are known for their honesty, integrity, and fairness. These personal traits are considered part of:
a) Ethical behavior. b) Goal Setting c) Self awareness d) Self control
Having the confidence to stand up for your rights, beliefs and ideas is important in the competitive sports marketing profession. This essential trait is:
a) Assertiveness b) Empathy c) Initiative d) Self control
Since preparing for the arts festival involved completing numerous tasks and the deadline was in two weeks, the coordinator needed which essential personal trait?
a) Courtesy b) Ethical behavior c) Self esteem d) Time management
Greg knows he is an excellent organizer and motivator. He realizes his weaknesses include being inflexible and unable to easily adapt. Greg has developed:
a) Goal-setting b) Self awareness c) Self control d) Self esteem
Jon learned to stand up for his ideas at the creative team brainstorming sessions. Which personal trait had Jon developed?
a) Assertiveness b) Empathy c) Initiative d) Self control
Getting along with co-workers is important to productivity and morale. This concept is known as:
a) Goal setting. B Human relations. C Self-awareness. D Time management b) Human relations c) Self awareness d) Time management
Employees today value an employee’s ability to work with others to achieve a common goal. This concept is known as:
a) Creativity b) Empathy c) Responsibility d) Teamwork
An interpersonal relationship trait that involves being approachable and getting along well with other is:
a) Creativity b) Friendliness c) Initiative d) Responsibility
As a salesperson, Melanie has a reputation for being honest and fair with her clients. Melanie is known for which personal trait?
a) Ethical behavior b) Goal setting c) Self awareness d) Self control
Being able to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses is very important in a work environment. This personal trait is known as:
a) Goal setting. B Self- awareness. C Self-control. D Self-esteem. b) Self awareness c) Self control d) self esteem
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