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Which one is NOT a type of muscle?
a) Cardiac b) Skeletal c) Smooth d) Rough
Tendons connect bone to...
a) Bone b) Muscle c) Organs d) Tissues
Smooth muscle is...
a) Voluntary b) In the stomach, only c) Around the bones d) Involuntary
Muscles ____________ when the nervous systems causes muscle fibers to move
a) Expand b) Contract c) Flex d) Shrink
Muscles are
a) Tissues b) Slimy c) Organs d) Cells
The appendicular skeleton includes
a) Ribs b) Breastbone c) Arms d) Sternum
The axial skeleton includes
a) Hips b) Legs c) Arms d) Ribs
Where two bones meet
a) Tendon b) Joint c) Filament d) Ligament
Connective tissue between bones that cushions
a) Cartilage b) Spongy bone c) Ligament d) Tendon
This is made in bone marrow
a) More bone b) Calcium c) Blood cells d) Fat
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