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Rome is located in what country ?
a) Mars b) England` c) France d) Italy
Italy is a what ?
a) country b) continent c) state d) city
Rome was built by who
a) Julius Caesar b) Nero c) Augustus d) Romulus and Remus
Rome overthrew who ?
a) The Greeks b) The Indians( people from India ) c) The Etruscans d) The Chinese
Julius Caesar was a what
a) Dictator b) King c) Broncos Fan d) President
Rome was a Republic for how long ?
a) 9000 years b) 500 years c) 40 years d) 120 years
Plebians are what ?
a) Rich People b) Hunters c) Swordsmen d) artisans
The top government officials were who ?
a) Consuls b) Women c) Children d) Old people
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
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