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I was tired of being controlled by my mother, Agrippa, so I killed her.
a) Nero b) Nerva c) Trajan d) Vespasian
My nickname means "little boots."
a) Nero b) Caligula c) Titus d) Tiberius
I reduced taxes and started a welfare system for poor children.
a) Trajan b) TItus c) Augustus d) Caligula
I insisted on being called "master and god".
a) Claudius b) Constantine c) Domitian d) Vespasian
I was the first emperor born outside of Italy.
a) Nero b) Nerva c) Trajan d) Domitian
I completed the work on the Coliseum and opened it with 100 days of games.
a) Caligula b) Caesar c) Domitian d) Titus
I was the butt of my family's jokes...after dinner guests would pelt food at me!
a) Vespasian b) Caligula c) Claudius d) Caesar
My wife attempted to poison me with mushrooms and later suceeded with a feather.
a) Claudius b) Trajan c) Titus d) Nerva
I captured and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD.
a) Titus b) Trajan c) Constantine d) Domitian
I moved the capital city of Rome to Byzantium.
a) Constantine b) Domitian c) Nero d) Augustus
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