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The total quantity of living things in an area is called:
a) Ecology b) Classification c) Taxon d) Biodiversity
This is the process of putting organisms into groups based on their characteristics.
a) Classification b) Kindomification c) Precipitation d) Identification
Which is NOT a Kingdom of life on Earth?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Mycozoid d) Archaea
Which kingdom contains Mushrooms, Molds and Yeast?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Fungus d) Protist
Which Kingdom contains animal or plant-like organisms which live in water?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Bacteria d) Protist
Which Kingdom is LIKE bacteria in many ways?
a) Plant b) Animal c) Fungus d) Archaea
This is a series of questions, usually in pairs, used to identify unknown organsims.
a) Molar Key b) Dichotomous Key c) Identification book d) Fergilicious
This is much like an encyclopedia, listing various life forms and their characteristics.
a) Dichotomous Key b) Encyclopedia Lifica c) Field Guide d) Maine Guide
Which kingdom has the LARGEST life form on Earth?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Fungus d) Protist
Seaweed such as Kelp, used to make delicious soup in Japanese cooking, is a member of which kingdom?
a) Plant b) Animal c) Fungus d) Protist
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