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A mixture of flour, yeast, and a warm liquid that begins the leavening action is called a:
a) Starter b) Chemical Dough Conditioner c) Crust d) Peel
Which of the following yeast doughs is made solely from flour, water, salt, and yeast?
a) Soft Medium Dough b) Rolled-In Dough c) Sweet Rich Dough d) Hard Lean Dough
The percentage of fat and sugar in a soft medium dough is:
a) 6 - 9% b) 15 - 30% c) 50 - 63% d) 72 - 83%
What type of fat is traditionally used for rolled-in fat yeast doughs?
a) Shortening b) Oil c) Butter d) Margarine
Crescent-shaped, flaky rolls are also known as:
a) Gipfels b) Danish Pastries c) Doughnuts d) Croissants
Unlike a croissant, a danish pastry is rich in:
a) Eggs b) Milk c) Fat d) Sweetener
A sweet rich dough incorporates up to how much of both fat and sugar?
a) 10% b) 25% c) 50% d) 85%
What is a peel?
a) The process of fermentation b) A mixture of flour, yeast, and a warm liquid that begins the leavening action c) A wooden board that a baker uses to slide breads onto the oven floor or hearth d) the outer surface of a bread or roll
a) b b) c c) d d) e
a) b b) c c) d d) e
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