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What is nephrolithiasis?
a) condition of kidney stones b) hardening of the kidney c) surgical fixation of the kidney d) incision to remove a stone
Create a new opening into the kidney:
a) nephroptosis b) nephrotomy c) nephrostomy d) nephrogram
What is hematuria?
a) condition of blood in the urine b) condition of difficult or painful urination c) blood condition of urine d) condition of no urine
What is urethralgia?
a) bladder pain b) kidney tumor c) ureter pain d) urethra pain
Rapid bleeding from the urethra is:
a) urethrostenosis b) nephromalacia c) uremia d) urethrorrhagia
Drooping kidney is:
a) nephromalacia b) ureterostenosis c) pyeloptosis d) nephroptosis
What is cystogram?
a) x-ray of the kidney b) x-ray record of the renal pelvis c) record of the bladder d) instrument used to visually examine the bladder
The specialist in the kidney is:
a) urologist b) nephrologist c) urethrologist d) cystologist
Bladder stone is:
a) lithotripsy b) lithotomy c) renal d) cystolith
Urinary is:
a) pertaining to the ureter b) pertaining to the urethra c) pertaining to urine d) pertaining to the bladder
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