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On which planet would you weigh the most?
a) Earth b) Pluto c) Jupiter d) Mercury
On which planet would you be nearest the sun?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Earth d) Venus
Which is not in our solar system?
a) sun b) Earth c) North Star d) moon
Which is a constellation?
a) Orion b) Comet c) Asteroid d) North Star
What is a shooting star?
a) a small planet b) a sun c) a comet d) a meteor
Which is the largest?
a) a galaxy b) a solar system c) a planet d) a sun
How long does it take light to travel from the sun to the earth?
a) 10 seconds b) 2 hours c) 8 minutes d) 1 minute
How fast does light travel?
a) 1300 miles per hour b) 1,000,000 miles per day c) 186,000 miles per second d) 120,000 miles per second
The revolution of the earth around the sun causes ___.
a) spring, summer, fall, and winter b) wind and rain on the earth c) hurricanes and tornados d) day and night
What causes a lunar eclipse?
a) The earth moves between the sun and moon. b) The sun moves in front of the moon. c) The clouds cover the moon. d) The moon moves behind the sun.
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