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What is the total magnification of a microscope with two lenses when one lens has a magnification of 15, and the other lens has a magnification of 30?
a) 15 b) 30 c) 45 d) 450
Which of the following statements is part of the cell theory?
a) Only plants are composed of cells. b) All cells are produced from other cells. c) Cells can be produced from nonliving matter. d) Cells are one of several basic units of structure and function in living things.
Which of the following statements is NOT part of the cell theory?
a) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. b) All cells are produced from other cells. c) Only animals are composed of cells. d) All living things are composed of cells.
What is the function of a cell membrane?
a) to support the cell b) to perform different functions in each cell c) to control what enters and leaves the cell d) to form a hard outer covering for the cell
Which organelle is the control center of a cell?
a) mitochondrion b) ribosome c) nucleus d) chloroplast
Which of the following best describes the function of mitochondria?
a) They convert energy from food molecules into energy the cell can use. b) They store energy from food molecules. c) They store energy from sunlight. d) They produce nucleic acids that release energy.
How does a bacterial cell differ from a plant or animal cell?
a) It is larger b) It does not have a nucleus. c) It has no cytoplasm. d) It has no organelles.
Cells in many-celled organisms
a) all look the same. b) all have the same structure. c) are often quite different from each other. d) are the same size in every part of the organism.
Specialized cells are found only in
a) animals. b) single-celled organisms. c) bacteria. d) many-celled organisms.
Why is water important for a cell?
a) Water is the main ingredient in DNA. b) All proteins are made of water. c) Most chemical reactions in cells require water. d) Water is an essential organic compound for the body.
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