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The Longest River in South America
a) The Amazon River b) The Venezuelan River c) The Platte River d) The Colombia River
The Mountains on the western side of South America are called
a) The Rockies b) The Brazilian Highlands c) The Guianas d) The Andes
How many regions are in South America?
a) One b) Four c) Three d) Two
The Andean Countries include Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and
a) Brazil b) Chile c) Argentina d) Paraguay
The main language in Brazil is
a) English b) Spanglish c) Portuguese d) Spanish
In what region would one find the Amazon Rainforest?
a) The North Coast b) The Andean c) The South d) Brazil
The Three cultures of South America include Native Americans, African Americans and
a) Americans b) Germans c) Europeans d) Spaniards
Most of South America was conquered by the the Spanish and the
a) Americans b) Portuguese c) English d) Germans
Spanish is the official language in South America except in this country
a) Brazil b) Argentina c) Venezuela d) Chile
What is the dominant religion in South America?
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Catholicism d) Weslyan
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