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The compression of a wave would correspond to which part on a transverse wave?
a) crest b) trough c) wavelength d) amplitude
When constructive interference occurs in sound waves, the listener will hear a ___________ sound.
a) louder b) softer c) d)
Beats are produced from sound
a) reflection b) refraction c) resonance d) interference
Beats can be heard when 2 tuning forks
a) are sounded together b) have almost the same frequency and are sounded together c) have the same frequency and are sounded together d)
Noise canceling headphones are an example of
a) constructive interference b) destructive interference c) beats d) resonance
When destructive interference occurs in sound waves, the listener will hear (a) ___________ sound.
a) louder b) softer c) no d)
Forks with frequencies of 260 Hz and 267 Hz are sounded together. The frequency of the beats is
a) 260 Hz b) 267 Hz c) 7 Hz d) 527 Hz
If you are standing equally spaced from 2 speakers that are emitting the exact same sound waves, the sound
a) is quieter due to destructive interference b) is louder due to destructive interference c) is quieter due to constructive interference d) is louder due to constructive interference
How many times a minute will you be in step with a friend when you walk 77 steps per minute and they walk 65 steps per minute?
a) 0 b) 12 c) 6 d) 142
2 tuning forks are sounded together to produce a beat frequency of 13 Hz. One tuning forks frequency is 218 Hz. What is the other tuning forks frequency?
a) 232 Hz b) 230 Hz c) 231 Hz d) 233 Hz
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