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Which famous scientist first used a telescope for astronomical observation?
a) Albert Einstein b) Isaac Newton c) Galileo d) George Hale
The James Webb Space Telescope will study
a) Xrays b) gamma rays c) infared radiation d) radio waves
What was the first telescope built by NASA?
a) Hubble Space Telescope b) Chandra Xray Observatory c) Compton GTaqmma Ray Observatory d) James Webb Space Telescope
The thin red rim seen around the sun during a total solar eclipse is called the
a) aurora b) chromsphere c) corona d) photospher
Streams of electrons and protons that shoot out from the sun's coraona make up the solar
a) atmosphere b) wind c) rays d) granules
The mass of a star can be determined by studying
a) the wavelenght emitted by the star b) the color of the star c) the distance between the star and Earth d) binary star systems
The difference in brightness of two stars with the same surface temperature is attributable to their
a) densities b) colors c) ages d) sizes
All stars, regardless of size, eventually
a) turn into black dwarfs b) explode c) run out of fuel and collapse d) become black holes
When a main sequence star has exhausted the fuel in its core, it becomes a
a) black hole b) black dwarf c) neutron star d) red giant
Light cannot escape the intense gravitational pull of a
a) black hole b) black dwarf c) main sequence star d) red giant
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